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Yo! Watch this NSFW (Not Safe For Work) video to see what this is all about. Nah son, it's not NSFW because it's dirty. It's NSFW because it has loud background music.


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Everybody wants an API. For those that don’t know, that stands for Application Programming Interface. That’s just fancy talk for programmers, for reals. Yo, so hopefully by July, programmers can access a service that we are setting up, so chill for now.

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Want to use URLBiggy.com but with your own website domain? Here’s a simple way to do it.

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So check this out, we love music, we love videos, we love YouTube, we love sharing YouTube music and videos with our friends. But when you copy the link from YouTube, you can’t really tell what that video is. There was a need.

Now with this website URLBiggy.com, you can transform any links from YouTube, CNN, Amazon, Stack Overflow, wherever yo! You can transform them to a sentence, or even a paragraph. Try it and give us some feedback.

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